Become A STOCK TRADER! Bulls on Wall Street And Our Top Students

Want a chance to trade in person with Kunal? Complete our 60 day bootcamp for an opportunity.

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60 Days of Intense Stock Market Training

Days 1-30

Live Training Classes

Lead trader Kunal Desai teaches you live (via webinar) four nights a week for four weeks. Each session is recorded if you miss a class or need to replay it!

Here are just a few topics:
Market Fundamentals
Technical Analysis
Trading Styles
Risk Management
Trading Psychology
Analyzing Market Indices
... and much more!
Days 31-59

Market Recaps + Trade Reviews

These sessions are an opportunity to go over what’s happening in the market and discuss how it relates to the material covered in class.

Students will join the instructors immediately following the market close at 4:05 p.m. EST. These sessions are an opportunity to go over what’s happening in the market and discuss how it relates to the material covered in class. The instructors will take you through each trade they took during the market session that day and explain it in detail. This is when you get to see the material you have learned put into practice.

Days 60+

Trading Simulator

Put your newly found knowledge to the test -- risk free and with feedback!

Students are placed on a trading simulator that mimics real life market conditions. Trades are uploaded and then reviewed by our instructors to provide constructive feedback on your trade plan and outcome.

New Lessons and Innovative Techniques

Trading IPOs

IPOs are some of the hottest stocks around. We'll teach you how to find and trade the best of the bunch for big gains!

Tax Loss Selling
In January the market rebounds from tax loss selling. Will you be prepared to take advantage of the amazing opportunities it provides?

Shorting Like the Pros

Do you lose money when the market is red? Our technique for shorting into resistance could turn your worst days into your best!

Bootcamp Core Features

With the right training there are no limits to the profits you can make.

28 LIVE Classes

Over 60 hours of LIVE training (via online webinars). Each class is recorded and available for playback if you miss a lesson. Schedule one-on-one time if you are having trouble with the material.

Trading Simulator

Put your knowledge to the test! Trade on our simulator for a month following class and apply what you've learned without risking real money. We grade your trades and give you personal feedback.

Quizzes & Assignment

Four quizzes, a series of homework assignments (including the creation of a business plan!) and flash cards will help you truly understand and retain the material you learn in class.

Market Recap Sessions

Following the live classes, we will meet three times a week via webinar to review the day's trades and see how the skills you learned in class are applied in the current market environment.

140-Page Coursebook

Physical coursebook with charts, trade setups, insights, and a ton of other content to reinforce what you learn in class. Use it as a guide during the class and when you start trading live.

Ongoing Support & Mentorship

Once you finish the Bootcamp, you are a part of the family! We will continue to provide support, advice, and mentorship. Plus get you exclusive access to Bootcamp Students Only material.